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Do I need a doctor's referral to come see you?

No, you do not need a referral to access physiotherapy, however your insurance company may require you to have one.  Contacting your insurance company would best answer this question.


Do you direct bill insurance companies?

I provide a receipt that you can then submit to your insurance company.   I can provide 60 minute long, one-on-one appointments due to the fact my time is not spent dealing with paperwork.  Many insurance companies now have instant online claim services.


My injury is because of a recent work accident or vehicle accident, can I still come see you?

Yes I direct bill MPI, you simply need your injury claim number.  However, no, I do not treat WCB patients.  Clinics that accept WCB claims typically see 3-5 clients each hour per therapist.  Therefore, I do not provide WCB coverage. Please contact me if you need a referral to a qualified physio at a clinic that does handle WCB claims.


What can I expect from my first visit?

On the first visit, a complete health history is taken.  I will conduct a physical examination of all the structures to determine which are related to your area of complaint.  After establishing a diagnosis, a treatment plan will be discussed with you and initiated. You usually stay clothed for a Physiotherapy session.  It helps to wear  proper clothing that allows access to the affected area  (tank top with slim straps for neck/arm/upper back pain) shorts/loose sweat pants for leg/low back pain. 


How do I know if my therapy is working?

Your physiotherapist will discuss goals with you as well as pay close attention to your symptoms and function. 

Some of the milestones you can use to evaluate your progress include:

  • Ability to return to work, sports, and other daily activities

  • Distance you are able to walk, run, swim, etc.

  • How much you can carry, e.g. groceries, baby, weights

  • Increased motion and/or strength

  • Length of time you are pain free and decreased pain intensity

  • Overall improvement in quality of life

(courtesy of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association)


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