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As a Physiotherapist, I’ve helped people recover from injuries and pain for over 18 years.  My experience working as a civilian physiotherapist for the Canadian Armed Forces, and in several private practices (such as Transcona Physiotherapy Clinic)  has been extremely rewarding.  I enjoy helping clients be pain-free, recover from injury and be more mobile as well as to help athletes achieve their goals, such as finishing thier Iron Man competitions.


I find that combining my hands-on skills along with pain-reducing methods such as acupuncture to be very effective in reducing pain. I believe exercise is medicine, and I seek to treat in  a manner where you can be an active participant in your healing. Being empowered and responsible for our wellness has long-lasting positive effects on our  health. 


Having said all that, I look forward to working one-on-one with you to help you reach your personal goals!

Take good care,

Christelle Cantin, BMRPT

Rate as of  December 1, 2022:
            $90 per session
Direct billing for **MPI claims only**
Methods of Payment:

I accept cash, debit and major credit cards  If you are covered for treatment through an insurance plan such as Manitoba Blue Cross or Great-West Life (GWL), you will need to submit your receipt to them for reimbursement.



Monday 9:30-5:30

Tuesday 9:30- 5:30


Cancellation policy:

I require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. You will be charged for missed appointments.

Active Chiropractic and Massage

This is the place where I have my office space.  I have really great colleagues and if you need any chiropractic care, massage therapy or naturopath consults, this is THE place!  Please visit the clinic's website:

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